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Privacy Policy



The platform Mohr Siebeck online offers access to the publishing house Mohr Siebeck's electronic publications. Only registered users can gain access to content which is otherwise not freely available. Personal data, such as names and e-mail addresses, will be recorded for the administration of registered users. Access to this information is restricted to the user and pertinent Mohr Siebeck employees. Information used to evaluate products and gathered through access made to content will be anonymized. All personal data will be used for Mohr Siebeck's own platform purposes only and will not be passed on to third parties.

Trial Access
An activation code will be provided to facilitate trial access. This code contains no reference to the redeeming person.
Individual Accounts
An individual account means that one person has access to Mohr Siebeck's online contents. Access is granted through the use of a user-name and a password. For individual accounts, personal date is stored which is necessary for the operation of the Mohr Siebeck online platform. On deletion of an individual account, all personal date in the Mohr Siebeck portal will likewise be deleted.
Institutional Accounts
Libraries, universities or companies can lodge an IP address or serveral IP addresses in Institutional Accounts and so gain access to content which is otherwise not freely available.
User Information for Institutions: COUNTER Standard
Access made to content will be recorded using the IP addresses lodged in the Institutional Account. Institutes can thus gain information about their users' use of Mohr Siebeck online services through the order statistics. These statistics are gathered and compiled in accordance with COUNTER-Standard.
Usage of Cookies
During your visit to Mohr Siebeck online, a so-called session cookie – a small file – will be stored on your computer. This session cookie contains your authorization information when accessing documents at Mohr Siebeck online. The session ID contained in the cookie is generated randomly. The session ID does not contain any personal data.

As of: December 5, 2014